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How to Cancel Brazzers?

100% confidential and works for all plans: Trials, Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime subscribers.

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Choose the method you prefer and follow the steps:

  • Method 1: How to cancel Brazzers without signing in
  • Method 2: (With Video) Cancel Brazzers via the Probiller processor
  • Method 3: Canceling Brazzers directly from your account (login required)

Before we begin, keep your username or email handy (the one associated with your account).

if you forgot your credentials. No worries, you won’t need to log in.

Cancel Brazzers Without Logging In

Brazzers Cancelations Support
Brazzers customer support center
Important: Visit the Brazzers billing support page. and follow these 3 steps:

Live Chat (Quick)

You are about to chat with a real agent who will handle the cancelation process.
Include your email or username in the chat, so they identify your account to confirm your request:

Canceling Brazzers Via Live Chat

Direct Call (Faster)

You can dial their toll-free numbers from your Phone, or use Skype.
for American members dial this: +1 877 237 4215
For Europeans, Canadians, or Other Countries overseas use:

Brazzers Customer Support Numbers

Email Form (Slow)

You can send a cancelation request by filling in their submission form to the billing support, and they will email you back with a follow-up later.

Canceling Brazzers Via Email FormYou can send a cancelation request by filling in their submission form to the billing support, and they will email you back with a follow-up later.

Using Probiller to Cancel Brazzers Membership

Since Brazzers is a partner with the payment processor Probiller. you get an extra way to stop any recurring subscriptions with it.

Step by Step Video Tutorial

It provides same options, I recommend using Skype for fast billing resolutions.

How to cancel recurring Brazzers bills via Probiller

Again, you will only need: the email address or nickname linked to your account.

More Cancelation Options

Cancel Porn Subscriptions On Probiller
Screenshot from Probiller billing help area.

Canceling Brazzers Account for Logged-In Users

Now, if you can log in to your ZZ account. it’s easier cuz you can open a ticket directly from there – Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your Brazzers account
  2. Locate the Account area in the top right corner
  3. Jump to ‘Support Sections’ to directly inquire about deletion.
Brazzers Account Deletion
Screenshot inside the Brazzers profile area

Update: as of December, They moved the support section, visit the new Brazzers billing center page.

Now copy your email or username, as In this done-for-you example. You can replace the info with yours and copy it – Just the Email part alone is enough:

Cancelation Message Snippet

Hi, I'd like to cancel my Brazzers subscription please.
Here are my account's details:
Email: ''
Username: 'Yourusername'
Paid by: 'e.g: Master Card'


Note: the billing support response email may fall into the spam inbox, so always check and try to sign in to confirm the cancelation is done.

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