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Brazzers Review: Is It Still The Best in 2024?

Brazzers still delivers countless content and will never stale, but is it worth the price?

Best for quality
Brazzers Network
  • 100% Confidential and secure
  • 10860+ videos and daily updates
  • Free extra sites included
  • No 4K content

Summary: If you love collecting girls in 2K+ content in variations, then go with Brazzers.

I bought the Brazzers subscription today and spent hours researching other reviews to help you know if the so-called: Best porn site in the world is worth your money, or not.

I will show you the good and bad based on my experience, so by the end of this review. You will know exactly what you’re getting for the cost you pay.

Brazzers Member Area Phone
Tap or Click to zoom in. Screenshot of network member area

First impression: quality and site speed are decent, but the user interface wasn’t as easy as expected, but I think you will adapt to it.

Here is my experience:

  • Video Player runs smoothly in 2K, but the image gallery may force you to auto-swipe—which is weird!
  • You will find secret girls that only fuck in brazzers. The search filters are easy and will save you time.
  • I couldn’t download clips. you have to pay an extra $15 which sucks, but if you don’t need it, you’re good.
  • Your Brazzers credentials will instantly arrive to your email inbox after the purchase.

Plans and Pricing

Brazzers premium has 4 plans—the cheapest one is the $2 trial. here’s how much Brazzers costs:

Trial$1 for 2 days or $7 for 1 WeekView Plan
1 Month$17.95* - it was $29.99 (best price- recommended)View Plan
3 Months$59.99* (saves you few bucks)View Plan
1 Year$119.99 (non recurring)View Plan

The annual plan is the best choice for Downloads, If you want stream only then go monthly.

  1. The billing statement is completely anonymous. nobody wants their wife, girlfriend, work boss, or even their mom to know that it was for porn (Including me
  2. this is what will be displayed on your bill after buying: PROBILLER.COM 855-232-9555 or VendoStore*MGB +442031399063.
  3. Payment methods: You can use credit/debit card (visa, master card, discover) via Epoch/Vendo.
  4. Safety and privacy: Brazzers is protected by encryption, which ensures your credit card data is secure. None of your data is shared, which makes it completely legal and protects your privacy.

Buyer Beware: to Pre-checked cross-sales when you’re buying. Make sure you only add sites you’re interested in. here’s a screenshot:

Brazzers Pre Checked Cross Sale

Brazzers Pros and Cons

Here are the positives and negatives you need to know before subscribing to Brazzers:

  • #1 hottest model talent
  • Diverse content productions
  • HQ adjustable video streaming.
  • Amazing plots for all fetishes
  • Bonus channels +daily updates
  • Upcharge for downloads
  • Heavy make-up on girls tits/butts
  • Adding sites could make it costly

Video Streaming Quality

currently, the video player is fast and can handle 5 video quality options:

Brazzers Streaming Quality
Quality of videos. source: screenshot inside the Brazzers membership
  • Auto (it adjusts to 2K)
  • Low (480 px)
  • Normal (720 px)
  • High (1080 px)
  • Very high (2160 px)

I conducted a speed test to evaluate the streaming on my laptop and phone. I found out that switching from 1080px to 2160px was fast, and it improved the resolution a lot even at 5.0 playback speed.

Downloads and Player Shortcuts

You can download up to 1080px in mp4 format (update: increased to 2K)

Keyboard control: I know you have 1 hand fapping and another hand navigating. Brazzers give you handy shortcuts that are useful on the laptop.

Brazzers Streaming Tools
Brazzers accessibility features showcase at @Brazzers network

Streaming Speed and Device Compatibility

#1 Mobile device: I tested the streaming on mobile (I use an iphone pro14 Pro Max), and it went smooth. It took few seconds before it switched to 2160px. The audio matched the visuals; there was no buffering.

#2 Laptop device: almost same. this time using a Mac book pro – the only difference is bigger screen and slightly darker colors. but the overall streaming is blazing fast without interruptions.

Content Library

As of today, Brazzers has 10860+ scenes (countless images). The library looks like this:

Brazzers Content Library
Access all Brazzers studios from one library section: screenshot at Brazzers website.

Update frequency: They drop 2 new scenes every night. you will find all these content types:

  • Original ZZ Series: I think you’ll love the Brazzers House Series. especially the 4th edition. you will enjoy watching horny girls fuck in group shows, or cinematic casts.
  • Brazzers Audio: unique experience where all the adult actresses perform an audio erotica fetish seassion. You’ll love it if you’re into whispering and naughty/dirty talk.
  • Virtual reality works like charm. if you got a VR headset that you forgot about, try it for an immense porn experience on your phone.
  • Brazzers extras: these are special scenes produced for extra sites that are included in your Brazzers sub.
  • Extra Scenes and sites marketplace: you will be able to bundle up content from other sites or stack up a scene and watch it all at your Brazzers sub.

Advice: don’t miss the upcoming videos tab so you get a teaser for what’s coming. (they release 2 new videos at 1:00 during every night)

Number of Models

You will access a line up of amazing adult film stars at one spot. each model profile displays scenes based on top rated, most viewed, and latest.

Brazzers Models
Models of Brazzers repository – Screenshot @Brazzers

2792+ contract talent catalogue: you’re dick gotta love them all! they know how to handle it. and few girls will match your chemistry which will turn you on a lot!

It is a golden gem for collector (like me) you gonna discover new horny chicks. you will be thrilled by the beauty at first, but you’ll find the best body type for your taste.

The models seem so happy at Brazzers: you will notice this through their performance. in a safe-comfortable zone like that, these chicks will show you their hot body powers.

Search Filters

It gives you multiple sorting options for videos and actresses. It is easy-fast and will save you time when looking up for specific content by tags.

Brazzers Search Filters

Ease of Navigation

If it is your first time using Brazzers, you will find browsing confusing at the beginning, but later on, you’ll adapt to it. the interface is clear, have a look at the below showcase:

Brazzers Navigation
Screenshot of the new Brazzers account area interface on PC and Mobile (iPhone)
  • Decent website interface and layout: it has a consistent design scheme. You will find browsing confusing for the first time. However, it won’t take you too long to get used to it.
  • Access studios without leaving your library; this is my favorite, while other sites redirects you outside the site. Brazzers now lets you switch directly to any site in one-click.
  • Good organization and search filters: especially on mobile, you will move between sections easily and fast, and search tools and sorting will help you find what you’re into quickly.
  • Private sections to collect your favorites: you can save videos and babes that always turn you on for easy-later access. you can name your collections and organize them as you need.

Quick tip: Save time in finding content fast using the search will let you search by scenes/actors, just type in what you’re into.

Compare Brazzers to The Competition

All of the above adult brands are good choices, there is a slight difference in price, features, and niche production. if you’re a fan of 4K both: Bang Bros and EvilAngel are great.

BrandMonthly costTotal scenesVideo qualityDownloadsReview
Evilangel Logo$24.45/month15.980+2060pxNoRead Review
Bangbros Logo$29.99/month99684KYesRead Review
Realitykings Logo$29.99/month10001000NoRead Review
Naughtyamerica Logo$50.45/month10004KYesRead Review
Brazzers Logo$50.45/month10004KYesRead Review

Want to consider other sites than Brazzers? here’s my recommendation:

Brazzers stands out for it’s massive collection of video archives that are produced by professional award winning directors who deliver top-quality adult content.

Brazzers Features and Benefits

Here the specs and how they make your fun journey better:


  • 1810+ actresses in all sizes and body types
  • Fast 2K streaming and unlimited downloads
  • Very useful advanced sorting search tools
  • Has scenes in Spanish (best if you’re Latin)


  • You won’t get bored with the daily scenes.
  • Enjoy more fetishes with free 33+ extras
  • Save time by direct access to other studios
  • Watch full 30+ minutes vids. No interruption

Customer Support

Just as anyone else: I thought they wouldn’t give a damn about me! but it turns out their real humans who really answer your messages via X and calls.

I did a test call to ask about the billing cycle, I had a quick conversation with a sales rep who was a genuine guy. So I think they’ll handle your refund requests seriously.

Downloads and Offline Viewing

You can download up to 1080px. Downloads speed is very fast. You can make it more faster by using a download manager instead of the default browser downloader.

Brazzers Users Complaints

Here are some complaints of other real guys who bought Brazzers membership:

They removed a massive collection of scenes from pre-2007 with the site ‘redesigns’, but this isn’t new for them. They have a history of removing scenes completely random. Used to be a good one of Leilani Leeane and Manuel Ferrara titled Open Air Ass Hole, that disappeared within the space of a year or two of its release. God know whether it ever came back, they’re a genuinely bad company.
‘Lex Vone’

I’m a Brazzers member, and it seems to me that the site has eliminated the pretty girl pictures from the galleries; the galleries now looks to be a stop-action version of the scene. I’m miffed about this, but it seems to be the way a lot of the industry at large has gone over the past year or so. Am I right — is this an industry trend?

For arguably the biggest studio in the industry (and owners who own a large stake of the industry) it’s pretty pathetic they’ll spend the money on top talent but cut costs on the final product (what viewers see; bitrate starved videos)

Show more +

Why I think Brazzers is Worth it for You

I’d recommend Brazzers for the value you’re getting especially for their original quality content and daily updates. they keep signing with more girls, so I think you’ll not get bored.

By making it this far. You unlocked this special gift:

FAQs about Brazzers Network

What is included with a Brazzers subscription?

Access to 30+ extra sites for free inside your account +dozens of special ZZ series and shows featuring 1810+ adult film starts in all shapes.

Brazzers Extra Sites

Does Brazzers have a free trial?

No. Brazzers offers a $1 trial for 2 days if you want to get a taste the quality production they offer, you won’t be charged if you canceled before 2 days ends.

What Brazzers plan should I choose?

I’d recommend you join for one month to see if the content niche gets you off, then upgrade if you love it (It’s hard to not go yearly after you get that 2160px quality shit)

If I purchased Brazzers what will it say on my debit/credit card?

It is discreet and will not state porn. the charge will appear on your statement as:
PROBILLER.COM 855-232-9555.

Can I pay for Brazzers without credit card?

You will need to ask your bank for a virtual card dedicated to online purchasing and use it to pay privately for porn. or you’ll need at least of these: Mastercard, Visa, Unionpay, and Discover card.

How many devices can I use with one Brazzers account?

Unlimited, but keep in mind the usage should not exceed a max of 3 devices to avoid membership lockdown issues.

How much does Brazzers cost?

It starts at $29.99 per month. See the standard price quotes in details.

What to watch right now on Brazzers?

Sample content

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Overall rating

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Zac W
March 26, 2024
Caution (they may overcharge you)
Overall (4 out of 5)
Value for money (4 out of 5)
I found it disgusting that they do not offer an entry trial of some sort!
Jhon Mathew
Jhon Mathew
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