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How Much is Brazzers?

Brazzers costs $32.99 a month for an streaming based subscription or $39.99 a month for a downloadable sub.

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Trial$1 for 2 days or $7 for 1 WeekView Plan
1 Month$17.95* - it was $29.99 (best price- recommended)View Plan
3 Months$59.99* (saves you few bucks)View Plan
1 Year$119.99 (non recurring)View Plan

Note: Downloading is an add-on that costs $7 on top of your monthly cost.
Our special Brazzers discount lowers the charge to $17.99 and gives you all features and perks.

Brazzers Upgrade Plan

2-day trial and 1-week trial: both renew at $32.99 every 30 days until cancelled.
1 month│3 months: all renew at 39.99 bucks as well (can be higher in case of added sites)
Download addon upgrade: costs a $7 fee after the monthly period ends (it will be $39.99.

PS: ZZ alone can fit your budget. However, renewal cost may become high in you pack lots of sites.

What does Brazzers include?

The standard premium version of Brazzers includes:

  • Brazzers exclusive scenes, shows, and ZZ series.
  • Full 4K playback (adjustable on select titles).
  • Advanced search tools and filters for each section.
  • The ability to stream up to four devices simultaneously.

In addition to the standard plan, the downloadable plan also offers:

  • Unlimited fast downloads to stream offline.
  • Various MP4 format options optimized for mobile devices.

In late March, Brazzers announced that bundle subscribers now have the “full Brazzers network+ experience, which includes all sister sites like RealityKings, Mofos, DPXXX, Fakehub, Babes, and more with the ability to navigate them from the Brazzers membership interface that gives access o all partners content.

How to pay for Brazzers without a Credit Card?

You gonna need at least a visa card for this method to work.

  1. Click Join Now on Brazzers and enter your Gmail address and user info.
  2. Enter your debit or credit card number, CVV, and expiry date. (No charge yet)
  3. Enter your country zip code and click start membership (You will be taken to confirmation)
  4. At the bottom of the confirmation page, choose Paypal via Epoch, and your card will stay untouched.

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