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What is Brazzers?

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Brazzers (network) is a subscription streaming service (founded in 2004 and operate under MG Premium Ltd) that allows you to access exclusive porn scenes and originals on a private member area. Depending on your plan, you can download videos to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watch offline.

Brazzers Overview Brazzers Badge

  • Production Niche: Hardcore Diverse Porn Talent
  • Sister sites: 30+ adult entertainment Brands
  • Studios: Across America, Canada, and Europe
  • Talent: Lots of Award-winning models (contracted)
  • Headquarters: Montreal, CanadaNicosia, Cyprus

How does it work?

You can use Brazzers from various screens, it provides you with an account area dedicated to streaming premium scenes with multiple extras. The content is licensed and 100% legal to watch across the network.

You also get a history-watch section within recommendations tailored to your preferences. The signup process is safe and discreet:

  • Enter the email that will be used to send you the account credentials
  • Select a plan and complete your order (username and password are auto-generated)

Brazzers Original Series

The ZZ network supplies thirty extra channels, each one is specialized in a separate production genre.

Brazzers Extra Sites
Brazzers network exclusives