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Brazzers vs. RealityKings: Which is Better in 2024?

Brazzers delivers 2K video quality, but Reality Kings will give you hot plots with younger babes.

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So you’re trying to decide between two of the best adult pay sites: Brazzers and Reality Kings. But which one is better?

I’ve subscribed to both and spent hours comparing them, so I can help you decide which one will give you more value for your dollars.

Difference Between Brazzers and Reality Kings

During my testing of both memberships, I found that Brazzers is better, but also Reality Kings is good in some areas. Here is what you need to know:

Key SpecsComparison battle
Brazzers Logo
Realitykings Logo
Video quality
2160 px max
1080 px max
Daily updates
2 scenes per day
1 scene per day
Total Scenes
10817+ HD
10238+ HD
Download limit
10 GB/day
Free bonus sites
+33 sites
+44 sites
Pornstars collection
17350+, mostly body enhanced
17350+, mostly young naturals
Production plots
Any fantasy—hardcore
Real-life plots themed

Winner: Brazzers stands out for the 2K video quality and the growing update frequency.

Fair note: Reality Kings surpasses Brazzers in other areas and definitely gives you unique benefits especially as being the cheapest!

Brazzers vs Reality Kings: Special Benefits

Brazzers prioritize HQ content quality standards, but Reality Kings delivers s the same content in hot plots for cheap. Here’s what you get in each subscription:


Best if you’re into big butts, boobs, and girls in prime shapes. You will get diverse scenes and series: updated in 2K quality. (costs more, but delivers top-notch videos)


Best if you’re into amateur life plots like: Fucking the neighbor, banging college girls, or gym affaires. (simple, cheap, and has unique models, mostly young)

Now you got an idea about both networks specs, let’s compare the prices head to head:

Brazzers vs Realitykings: Cost and Prices

Both adult streaming services offer good entry plans. I’ve organized them down for you:

PlanBrazzersReality Kings
Trial$1 for2 days
$7 fo 1 week
$1 for 1 week
1 Month$32.99$29.99
3 Months$59.99
1 Year$119.99$99.99 one payment
Prices may vary depending on current date sales.

Winner: Reality Kings is the cheapest in delivering HQ content value and will give you more bang for your buck. Period.

Brazzers vs Reality Kings: User Interface

Both accounts have good organization, are mobile-compatible, and load fast. I took these 2 screenshots while logged in from my iPhone:

Brazzers Vs Reality Kings Navigation
Screenshots: Brazzers compared to RealityKings for ease of navigation.

The browsing will not be as you expect, especially during your first time purchase, but I think you can adapt to it quickly after a while.

You can easily use both sites. The layout seems identical, but the design scheme and structure are different.

Winner: Reality Kings stands out for it’s simple design and navigation, so you won’t be distracted during your fun session.

Brazzers vs Realitykings: Pros and Cons

In some key areas, Brazzers network won over Reality Kings, and vice versa. Here’s a table of negatives and positives for each membership, including our takeaway:

Brazzers Logo
✔️ Massive HQ video archive
✔️ Contract exclusive models
✔️ Fast streaming/downloads
✔️ Keeps on adding original series
Downloads cost extra
Limited trial access
Missing galleries for old scenes
Lots of make-up on girls
The Brazzers library will give you more videos and updates in 2K quality.
Realitykings Logo
✔️ Decent reality production plots
✔️ Unique collection of natural girls
✔️ Smooth streaming/downloads
✔️ Quality video porudctions
Downloads cost extra
Limited trial access
Some models are inactive
Some content seem staged
If you’re into real life situations and younger chicks, Reality Kings is best.

Draw: because both memberships offer good content quality and have equal downsides.

Brazzers vs Realitykings: Features Comparison

Brazzers delivers a few more, but Reality Kings includes all the essential tools you need as well.

Brazzers Logo

Makes original series +VR/POV
Includes Spanish-dubbed content
Useful Advanced Search Filters
2K streaming and downloads
Discreet credit/debit card billing

Realitykings Logo

Has original episodes
Only original english content
1080px only +downloads

Result: Brazzers is better than Reality Kings

I want you to keep in mind that both are great and offer you prime content in their niche. here are my final words:

If you can spare $2 extra, then go with Brazzers only because of more content in 2160px video quality, and update frequency. However, Reality Kings is still a decent choice in my opinion, and here’s why:

Reality Kings costs less, and will give you almost the same value, so if hot reality content in 1080px is enough for you, then subscribe to Reality Kings.

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