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About Hotsiren Brand

HotSiren is where you look when you need the best porn membership reviews, discounts, and pornstar rankings.

What we do?

We rank the best Pornstars and review paid porn sites with recommendations to help you find what is good for your taste and budget.

As a free service: we give you access to exclusive porn discounts and buyer guides. Our ratings are aggregated by real users. See how it works.

About The Hotsiren Brand
Hotsiren was started from this workspace, before settling the entire team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the porn fan community discover, research, and find what they want without Bullshit.

Why Should You Trust us?

We do our independent research and use the adult entertainment services we review – Here is our code of ethics:

1. Experience

We have personally tested over 54+ different porn subscriptions across 33+ porn streaming brands in all categories.

2. No Pay-to-Play

Unlike competitors who review companies that pay them the most. We rank paid porn sites based on unbiased testing process.

3. Transparency

We publish our detailed scoring and testing process so you can see exactly how we arrive at our rankings and recommendations.

4. Independence

HotSiren is reader-supported, and we buy all the porn products we review. We allow users to share their opinions with you.

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Why I Created Hotsiren?

Because It’s hard to find good porn with tons of shitty reviews out there.

I thought: there’s a lot of bullshit and we have to put a stop to it.

So I started HotSiren to help you know which porn membership worth your budget and time.

I join porn networks with my own money, and test them myself to share with you my honest experience.

For Humans, by Humans!

Here at, real humans write all of our articles. While other players in the adult industry are publishing articles generated by AI robots, we are committed to providing the most trustworthy product reviews and guides available. That can only happen when humans research and hand-test the subscription porn sites we review, and then share our experience with you.

See our review process and guidelines →

Fact Checking and Updates ensures accuracy and honesty while giving you a reliable listings, reviews, and comparisons. We have a dedicated senior editor who double check our content and act upon new discoveries and findings. We share our research and leave the buying decision to you!

In our editorial efforts, the things we keep a close watch for includes:

About Hotsiren
  • Up-to-date information, never referencing outdated sources
  • Hyperbolic claims such as “X membership will give you 100% value”
  • Contextualized information throughout research and experience
  • Misrepresentation or misinterpretation of raw data and/or statistics
  • Factual and current information on plans, pricing, packages, etc.
  • Consistent information when referencing multiple sources
  • Credible and reliable sources being used in all porn reviews
  • Typos, spelling and grammatical errors, formatting, etc.

The Hotsiren Editorial Team

Jhon Mathew Bio

Jhon Mathew

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jhon mathew is responsible for ensuring our reviews deliver the absolute best recommendations and user experience. He continually looks for ways to improve our x-rated rankings. Jhon has a Certification in Copywriting.

Kayla Hales

Kayla Kohen

Creative Director & Designer

Kayla heads up all things UX-design. She make sure our site looks decent and readers have a positive experience. In addition, Kayla leads our data and table-charts creation ensuring the layout is clean and stands-out.


About Chris Murphy

Victor Muller

Content Editor & Data Analyst

Victor is our content manager and develops most of the data. He also research porn stars rankings and adult entertainment streaming services to ensure our lists are fact-checked. channel. Victor has a degree in Data Analytics


How We Earn Money

As it’s explicitly mentioned throughout the site, some posts contain affiliate links for which I may receive compensation (at no extra cost to you) I try my best to bring you the lowest price possible.

Your support is what keeps us unbiased, and help us buy more products/services to provide trusted reviews for everyone (FREE)

We independently review porn related services – they don’t pay us for reviews, and they cannot pay us to rank or score them highly.


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