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13 Heart Shaped Nipple Pornstars (Tattooed Areolas)

If you've ever wondered: yes, they EXIST!

It took me more than a day of research to come up with a real list of heart-tattooed nipple girls.

They’re so rare, and most of them are making handmade adult content.

Since all nipples matter! here is a list of pornstars with heart-shaped nipples.

1. Lola Fae

Lola Fae Heart Nipples
Lola Fae’s heart nipples – Image via Planetsuzy.

Lola is is a redhead (ginger) pornstars with heart nipple shape. You may have seen her before performing lesbian scenes for Adult Empire. She has pretty tattoos as well.

  • Age: 27+ years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Body type: Slim
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus

If you’re into sweet redhead chcks, then you’ll love Lola. She can ride bigger cocks and has that beautiful, slutty face as well. You can find her best scenes at Evil Angel.

Lola also does cosplay content, and she seems to be taking a break right now from mainstream porn but she is still active in the custom-made adult content spaces.

2. Avalon Heart

Avalon Heart Nipples Shape
Via @freeones

Meet the blonde pornstar who stunned the porn fans community with her new heart-shaped nipples. She has a hot curvy butt and naturally sexy body with no piercings.

  • Age: 32+ years old
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Weight: 121 lbs (or 55 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Born in: Miami, Florida. USA

Avalon has multiple DVDs for teens love Hugecocks and amazing scenes with Bangbros where she role play as a student or a young shoplifter.

This girl sucks in handling cum. Right now, she is no longer filming porn. yet she is still one of the brave chicks who made the decision to free the heart nipples.

3. BoootyStar (Bomba)

Bootystar Heart Nipples
via Bomba Starr’s official X account.

Ms. BoootyStar is the type of goddess that will drain your cum. She has a large heart-shaped nipple ring (shield) with pink areolas. This woman is pure lust, and she pawgs like crazy.

  • Age: 29+ years
  • From: Serbia
  • Profession: Adult model
  • Zodiac sign: Leo

Bomba Starr, or Bootystarr, is wild lady with pink-hearted nipples that will make you blast a nutt. She excels in stripper-type videos, and she is still active in the porn zone.

She slays solo and live cam content. You will get the feeling that she is a stripper due to her perfect dancing moves showing all her delicious ass curves.

4. Micaela Schaefer

Micaela Schaefer Heart Nipples
Image from the Sun magazine.

Micaela was the first female to surgically modify her nipples. She started her career in modeling and did some adult content, like reality-naked nudes.

  • Age: 40+ years old
  • Awards: Venus Prize
  • From: Germany
  • Hair color: Black
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio

If you look her up online, you’ll think she’s an attention whore! but she’s really not. Micaela is the type of woman who doesn’t give a damn, and she’s not too shy on the red carpet.

5. Araxie Langley

Araxie Heart Nipples
Picture via BrokenDollz

Araxie is a dominatrix young talent who makes solo nude pictures with her sexy heart-inked nipples. She usually takes photos of herself lying down on tables or fully naked with chains.

  • date of birth: 11.18.1991
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Hair style: Short

She will amaze you with her bold, heart-shaped designs tattooed around her nipples. She usually make solo photos wearing a shirt that says POW! across her boobs.

Aaraxie wears tight pants across her ass. and also put on cute little glasses, which make her look prettier each time.

6. Eclipsa Amelle

Eclipsa Heart Nipples Tattoo
Image via Eclipsa@suicidegirls

Meet the hot Argentinian adult actress who has sweet-hearted areolas. She makes on-demand, sexy photo sets and videos. You’ll love her young, natural body shape.

  • Hair color: Black
  • Status: Divorced
  • Professions: +18 Alt model
  • From: Argentina

This latin young adult actress is pure hotness. She has a sexy lips and big areolas around the nipples. She slays the solo-type photo shoots.

Eclipsa is very active on her Instagram account. You can connect to her directly from there.

7. Icey Pricness

Icey Princess Heart Nipples
Image from RedditNSFW

Icey was an amateur female who did e-whoring and was very active on Reddit. She has the hottest, heart-shaped nipples you’ll ever see!

  • Hiar color: Black
  • Inked: Yes
  • Hair style: Short

This pretty white girl is now not active. However, you could find her on adult NSFW subreddits with new lusty name aliases. She deserves the love for sharing her nipples.

8. Gatahidraulica

Gatahidraulica Heart Nipples
Image from Gatahidraulica’s Xvideos channel

Meet the sexy Latina babe who does any type of fetish you could think of. She is growing steadily on Xvideos now, and she inked her beautiful nipples into heart shape (no clamps)

  • Hair color: Black
  • Skin: White
  • Body type: Slim
  • Live Camming: Yes

This chick is horny for your cock. She is very active on her Xvids channel. She does solo play and feet fetish as well.

9. Kimmy Kay

Kimmy Kay Heart Nipples

Kimmy is a curvy young adult star who at some point made heart shaped nipples. This picture in particular was taken from one of her live cam archive, where shows her hot areolas.

  • Age: +31 Years old
  • From: Los Angelos
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown

Kimmy is seductive chick who has one of the sexiest body shapes in the business. If you like a fun, naughty woman who can role play any type of fantasy, Kimmy is the right match for you!

10. Krystina Butel

Krystina Butel Heart Shaped Nipples
Photo via @TheSun Mag

Krystina is an online adult dominatrix who surgically made heart nipples. She is a bimbo type of woman with a hot butt and big sexy lips. She is now away from the Adult Space.

  • Age: 34+ years old
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Hair color: Black
  • Body type: Athletic

Krystina was inspired to change her look based on a caricature. She had a husband before who admired her look so much but was divorced from him later.

You can find her on Tiktok. she makes exclusive custom content in the BDSM adult niche. She didn’t do porn.

Pornstars with Nipple Tattoos

11. Mara Caliente

Mara Caliente Tattooed Nipples
Image credit: via

Young Latin adult actress who has nipples tattoed as a star shape. She first appeared on the teamskeet network.

  • From: Colombia
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Hair color: Black
  • Boobs: Fake/enhanced

You can spot Maria’s old scenes in Teamskeet network and other related studios for the young adult actresses niche.

12. Tori Avano

Tori Avano Tattooed Nipples
Photo via @TheSun Mag

Famous for her star-shaped tattoed areolas. Tori is a hot pretty babe who loves riding cock and performing in solo play scenes.

  • Age: 32+ years old
  • From: Los Angeles, CA.
  • Hair color: Black
  • Body type: Average

Tori has modeled for Alterotic, Penthousegold, and many other paid adult entertainment studios. She has a sexy boobs shape.

13. Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten Nipples Spider Tattoo
Art credit: by @Zach_bob

She deserves to be present in every nipple tattoo-related list. Bonnie is a pro dirty talker and fucks like a maniac!

  • Nationality: American
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Age: 30
  • Body type: Slim

If you’re into tattoos and not only nipples. Then just add this porn actress to your collection! She can be found on Brazzers networks where she slays threesome scenes.


Heart Nipple Pornstars Recap

The one that stands out for me in the list is Lola Fae. they fit her body shape and she done them smaller compared to the other starlets.

I will try to update this list in case any new pornstar with heart nipple shows up in the near future.

I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments about nipple modifications. Do you love them in all shapes or prefer them natural as the lord wanted it to be?

Who would you add to this list?


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